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Patricia Wilkins

What can a disabled senior do when she is owed quite a few dollars from the taxi reimbursement plan and she is constantly told to "wait 6 weeks" when it has been 8 weeks or more. I need my money. If my ride doesn't show on time and they give me a taxi voucher that is not my fault but their fault and then they delay my reimbursement. What number do I call where I can speak to someone who knows the answer to my problem. Calling 877-337-2017 only gets me the same old thing, "wait 6 weeks."

Fred Rosenberg-Wilmoth

I just recently broke my knee and am on crutches. I only need access a ride for about 8 weeks. When I called they said I had to go down, fill out the forms and wait approximately 21 days. This is ridiculous. There should be an emergency form for limited use.Also, I am a senior citizen,

Terri Lubin

I have been stranded 3 times in the past three weeks by access a ride and it cost me alot in taxi;s that I cannot afford. The people that set up the rides or tell you why they have not shown up put you on hold and never come back. They are rude and the service is getting more and more unreliable and worse and worse. Is this to help seniors or give them a heart attack?
Why doesn;t someone do something to improve the situation? It is run poorly and a disorganized mess especially when given a voucher for a car. No one ever shows up. Enough already...get your act together-you are dealing with elderly sick people.

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