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I read this before and is deetniifly an interesting and relevant read.When O suggested The Social Rejects as a clan name it resonated with me straight away. I don't think I'm a social reject, especially within the geeky world I live but I do feel that we are easily classed as weird or strange because of the so called geeky things we love.I'll always embrace my inner geek and I'll encourage my son and the baby on the way, to embrace their inner geekness. If that makes me a social reject then I can live with that.


"that was entirely tongue in cheek on my part. Sarcasm was dripping from my fingertips as I typed it in."Sorry I misunderstood - I'm a little touchy at the moment ;-)"the disappearance of Doug’s content"The interesting thing is that, as far as I'm aware, *none* of the underlying content has disappeared - it's just the front page that's been kidnapped. Go to an individual blog or month page and you'll see it fine.As for hosting, I was so hasty with my last reply, I forgot one of the focuses of the original blog here. I made the decision to move to a properly hosted platform so that I would have control over what software I run, what features I enable and can see all of the underlying files (including being able to back them up!). I've arranged the hosting through a friend but I think the key decision is - do I want access to my files or let someone else worry about it for me? (But have to trust them with it!). I suppose you're looking for a good paid-for blog service, but I'm not sure how that would be better than Blogger? For what it's worth, I know Andy C has been very happy with the support at Wordpress.com (in fact he seems to enjoy laughing up his sleeve at Blogger and I'm afraid I've decided he may have good cause)It's a bit like email - I was very badly let down by Hotmail a couple of times - lots of lost mail, so I stuck with Yahoo and they haven't let me down. But, ultimately, if you don't control it yourself, maybe you can never trust it.Anyway, for what it's worth, Serendipity took me 30 minutes (max) to download and install and I'm very happy with it. Once you have a LAMP setup, there are lots of options out there. Although I have to say I'm still getting over the fact I'm dependant on a MySQL db, which might be a step too far for you ;-)I'm also very worried that I might have to spend too much time playing with it all, but we'll see.On the bright side, if better infrastructure software is released, I can move to that without changing where people visit and where my files are. That's twice I've been burnt by blogging providers now (Tripod were much worse) and I can't keep changing providers.I really need to chill out and let this go ;-)

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